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Energy Poverty in Africa

Energy poverty is a severe and growing problem in Africa. It is defined as a lack of access to modern energy services, such as electricity and clean cooking facilities, that are essential for economic development and human well-being. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), over 600 million people…

How COVID affected women

Whilst the end may be near for COVID, its impact on the world, and especially women is far from it. As a woman myself, I can speak first hand to the personal impact I have experienced due to COVID. And others that my female friends have had to endure….

Why climate change isn’t just an environmental issue but a human rights issue too

“Climate change isn’t just an environmental issue. More than anything, it’s a people issue.” These are the words of Yasmine Luhandjula, a human rights lawyer coordinating Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Campaigns in Africa. She stands alongside a growing number of voices worldwide, advocating for governments to address climate…