Written by: Yasmine Luhandjula

It is always wise to do research before introducing something new into your body or placing an object where it is not meant to be placed. This type of research should always be confirmed by a healthcare professional. I am not a healthcare professional. Therefore this article is purely based on research conducted through internet sources. The information I found is super interesting, and I wanted to share this information with you. Based on the research, there seems to be a recurrence of serval items that women should not insert in their vaginas. Here are a few of those recurring items:

1. Fruit and veggies

Many women try to substitute high-tech masturbation tools for fruits and veggies such as carrots or cucumbers, but this is a BAD idea. Firstly, the weird shapes and sizes of such fruits could remain stuck inside your vagina, resulting in a visit to the gynaecologist. Secondly, even the most well-washed and ‘sanitized’ fruits and veggies can contain bacteria, bugs, and pesticides which can cause serious medical problems. While certain parts of the female sexual organ can deal with a little bacteria, the vagina isn’t equipped to handle this, and you could end up with bacterial vaginosis (BV). Thirdly, should you wish to use such fruits and veggies in this regard, a condom could help protect you from bacteria, bugs and pesticides. Lastly, it is also important to note that sharp edges from certain fruits and veggies can potentially cut or damage your vaginal walls.

2. Whip cream and other sugar-based products

Whipped cream can easily get stuck and cause irritation and infection. Sugar can change the pH level of the vagina, causing bacterial yeast infections. Chocolate sauce and other sweet treats contain dyes and preservatives that can damage the sensitive skin and mucus membranes in the vagina. Essentially, it is not recommended to insert such treats into your vagina.

3. Yogurt

I was so shocked to hear that this, too, was not recommended. According to the research conducted, there is no beneficial effect of putting yoghurt directly into the vagina. These processed yoghurts can give you a yeast infection by disrupting your natural pH levels.

4. Garlic

I have always known Garlic to be an at-home remedy to cure yeast infection because of its antifungal properties. I haven’t used it myself, but I keep hearing it works wonders for yeast infections. However, according to the research conducted, using Garlic vaginally for a yeast infection is just a myth and one that could result in a painful experience. The oils in Garlic can irritate your vagina and worsen any present infections. Putting a clove of Garlic in your vagina can also expose you to bacteria present in soil, pesticides, or fertilizers.

5. Brush Handles

Even though some brush handles resemble toys meant to be used vaginally, it is important not to insert a brush handle into your vagina. Brushes are not made for this task and may have sharp edges, chemical finishes that may irritate the vagina or parts that could get stuck inside the vagina.

6. Perfume

Smelling nice down there is a common hygiene goal for most women, but perfume isn’t the way to go. Fragrances are often irritating to vaginas, resulting in inflammation, itchiness, pain, and even infections. Many perfumes also use an alcohol base, and these harsh chemicals can burn and disrupt your pH levels. If vaginal odour is a concern, a trip to your healthcare professional is recommended to check for any underlying issue.

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