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The realities of dating a guy with Albinism

Dating someone with albinism has been a journey filled with both beautiful moments and challenging realities. He’s an amazing guy, kind, funny, and so strong. But our relationship isn’t without its challenges, especially when it comes to societal perceptions.

In my community and in most African communities, there are deep-rooted…

Love is a Compromise

One of the prevailing subjects of discussion today revolves around relationship breakups. There is an abundance of speeches, motivational talks, and counseling sessions regarding matters of the heart, which is undoubtedly beneficial. Many women express dissatisfaction with men, citing them as sources of conflicts, while men make similar complaints…

I am finally getting a divorce

I am finally getting a divorce, here are 3 major lessons that I have learned so far about getting a divorce:

Embracing Self-Worth

Throughout the turbulent path to divorce, the first lesson I learned was the vital importance of embracing my self-worth. In the midst of the emotional turmoil, it became…