Written by: Admin_SheEvo

I never imagined that a place I considered my refuge would cast me out so cruelly. I went to the church seeking comfort, seeking solace, but instead, I was met with rejection and words that cut deeper than any blade.

I still remember the moment when I got the courage to confide in the pastor about my pregnancy. His reaction was something I never expected. Instead of compassion, there was condemnation. He told me that this baby, this little life growing inside me, was not of God. He insisted that the only solution was to rid myself of this precious gift through abortion. His words were so hurtful and full of rejection and judgment. How could a place of love and faith turn its back on someone in need? I thought the church was meant to offer guidance, not cast judgments so harsh and unforgiving.

The weight of his words and the weight of my situation feel unbearable. I never anticipated facing such a choice, such isolation. It’s a pain that cuts deep, deeper than any words can express. It’s a loneliness that chokes the air out of my lungs, leaving me breathless.

I sought refuge in that church, hoping for understanding, hoping for support. Instead, I found myself standing alone, carrying the weight of this unexpected journey all by myself. It’s a lonely road to walk, especially when the very community I trusted turns away.

I eventually left the church because I refuse to let this rejection define me or my baby. Many people are still talking about me and gossiping about me but I really do not care! I had to do what was right for me and for my baby. This life growing within me is a blessing, a miracle that I will cherish despite the storms around us. One day, I hope to find a place that embraces all, that understands the complexity of life and offers kindness instead of judgment. Until then, I’ll stand strong, holding onto the belief that love and compassion will guide me through this storm.



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