Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Dear Diary…

Why does Instagram make me feel like I don’t have enough? It’s a feeling that seems to seep into my thoughts and feelings every time I read through the carefully organized feeds of others.

This morning, I woke up happy and thankful for all the good things in my life. But that feeling of happiness started to go away as soon as I opened the Instagram app. I saw pictures of perfect looks, picture-perfect trips, and things that looked like they were done easily. Each post seemed to scream, “Look at what I have and see what you don’t have!”

When the comparison game started, I felt like I was always coming up short. I couldn’t help but wonder if my life and the things I had done were good enough. Suddenly, my achievements didn’t seem as impressive as the things other people had done. My confidence began to fade as doubt crept in.

It seems strange, doesn’t it? Instagram was meant to be a way for people to meet and share happy and inspiring times. But at some point, it turned into a place where people felt like they weren’t good enough or worthy. It turned into a place where I judge my worth by how well I fit into squares on a screen.

But when I think about how I feel, I tell myself that Instagram only shows the best parts of someone’s life. Behind every well-staged picture is a story that hasn’t been told. Most of the time, we don’t see the battles, failures, and flaws that make us human. It’s important to remember that comparison is the thief of joy and that everyone is on their own road with their own set of problems and successes.

I shouldn’t let Instagram tell me what I’m worth. Instead, I should appreciate the beauty and value in my own life. I’ve done things and been through things that may not be perfect, but they mean a lot to me. It’s important for me to change my mind and be thankful for what I have instead of wanting what other people have.

In this post, I promise to do something for myself. I’ll limit how much time I spend on Instagram because I know there’s more to life than what’s on a screen. I will spend time with good people and do things that feed my soul and make me feel better about myself. And most importantly, I will try to accept and love myself, knowing that I am enough as I am. Let this writing be a lesson for me and maybe for other people who feel the same way. Instagram may be able to change how we feel, but it’s up to us to take back control and find a balance between the fake world of Instagram and the real world we live in. With love and acceptance of who you are.




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