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Like many people, I was used to the daily worries and stresses that often come with being an adult. I didn’t have much time for self-care because life was so busy, and I longed for a deep relationship with nature. I was intrigued by the idea of creating a green refuge in the middle of a city, so I cautiously brought my first house plant.

From that point on, a quiet change started to happen. As I carefully took care of my plant, I found comfort in the simple act. It was a calming routine that gave me a break from the chaos outside. The once-lonely part of my house became full of life and gave off a sense of peace and calm that filled my whole body.

Taking care of my new green friends turned into a close dance of friendship. As I helped them grow, they helped me grow as a person. With each leaf that unfurled and bud that opened, I rediscovered a deep connection I had always had with nature. My plants became a reflection of how I felt. When I was happy, they grew well, and when I was upset, they gently reminded me to stop and rebalance.

Still, the change was not limited to the physical world. Being a plant mom taught me how to be responsible and follow rules. I learned to be patient and to understand that progress takes time and can’t be hurried. Seeing how each plant needed just the right amount of light, water, and care taught me to be more aware of my own needs and limits.

Mindfulness practice became an important part of how I cared for my plants. I was fully in the moment and only thinking about taking care of my green charges. This newfound awareness spread to other parts of my life, making me more appreciative of the here and now and allowing me to find beauty in the smallest of things.

As the number of plants I had grew, so did my sense of belonging to a group. Joining online boards and local plant groups put me in touch with people who shared my interest in growing nature’s wonders and gave me tips and advice. The shared excitement and camaraderie gave them a sense of connection and friendship that had been hard to find in the busy city.

Being a plant mom taught me, perhaps most importantly, how important it is to be strong. When things were hard, I saw how my plants kept going, showing me the unbreakable spirit of life. Their ability to do well despite the odds gave me the strength and drive to deal with my own problems.

Being a plant mom had an effect that went beyond my own life. My house turned into a green oasis, bringing life and colour to the urban scenery. Friends and family took notice, and some of them even started taking care of plants on their own, which helped the green revolution grow.

In hindsight, when I decided to become a plant mom, it was the start of a big change in my life. It gave me a deep respect for the strength and resilience of nature and also helped me become more self-aware, thoughtful, and compassionate. Once just a place to live, my home has become a place of growth and renewal, a sanctuary where the music of the leaves and the dance of the sun call me to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Being a plant mom changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It taught me that in the middle of life’s chaos, connecting with nature can be a way to feel calm and strong. As I continue to care for my green friends, I’m told that, like them, my journey is about growing, being strong, and reaching my best potential.

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    August 18, 2023

    I am also a first time plant mom 🙂 So far its been a struggle trying to figure out how to keep my plants alive and that taught the importance of self care and how important it is to feed myself with things that benefits me – in all spheres & aspects of my life.



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