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My name is Phumeza, a 29-year-old mother of one daughter. I was born in Thembisa Hospital and raised in Orange Farm, Johannesburg. I grew up with two older sisters, and our childhood was not as easy. But despite all the struggles, my mother worked tirelessly to ensure we had food on the table and a roof over our heads. Her determination and hard work have always been a tremendous inspiration to me. It was her unwavering spirit that fueled my aspirations, teaching me that I can achieve anything. She showed me that no dream is too small or too big to pursue.

I attended Crownmines Primary School and completed my matric at Qoqa Secondary School. During those school years, I had to find creative ways to make pocket money for lunch. Selling sweets to my classmates during breaks was one such venture. Though small, it instilled in me a sense of independence and resourcefulness, offering a glimpse into the value of hard work – one I witnessed from my mother.

At the moment, I’m part of a learnership program called Agriprenuresh in Orange Farm. Before discovering agriculture, it was a world unknown to me. However, I’ve developed a passion for it, especially the part of extracting and processing juices from vegetables, fruits, and herbs – which in the future could be a potential business.

I strongly believe in Ubuntu, the idea of building each other for the betterment of the world. I aspire to teach young children from my community about agriculture, emphasizing its importance and the basics of human life. Preserving our traditions and portraying ourselves positively is crucial, and I want to contribute by raising awareness and sharing the little knowledge I have.

In many different ways and many times, life has presented me with numerous challenges, reinforcing my belief in God and the power of prayer. Overcoming obstacles has shown me my strength and capabilities. And I’m grateful for the help I received from strangers and for the blessing of the learnership program, which has opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought achievable.

If there is one thing I would never want to form part of is drug dealing or becoming a drug abuser. Many individuals in my community use drugs, and it transforms them into a state resembling zombies—alive yet devoid of the ability to dream, yearn for positivity in their lives, or even engage in simple activities like taking care of themselves. As a mother, participating in drug abuse would not only be detrimental to my well-being but would also jeopardize the strong bond I share with my daughter, as she looks up to me as a role model.


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    January 17, 2024

    Inspiring. Never lose hold of your dreams 🫶🏾

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    January 17, 2024




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