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We have all heard the saying that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Whether on not this is true is a post for another day. What is true however is that when there is a marriage there is a chance of divorce. Whilst the reasons may vary, divorce does happen and being prepared for when it does is not being negative but rather thinking ahead. The same way one might ensure they are financially secure. Or that they have a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement. Making sure you know how to co-parent (which loosely means sharing custody and responsibility of children if you have any) is as important. Here are some tips for successful coparenting;

  1. Keep open and honest lines of communication
  2. Remember that it is not just about you but also the emotional, physical and psychological well being of your children
  3. Get support through a therapist or intermediary if need be
  4. Be honest about what you can bring to the table

What are some tips you have found useful when co-parenting?



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