Written by: Admin_SheEvo

If you are a woman, then in all likely hood you spend a good amount of money every month for your period. This can be for pads, period pain medications and any thing else to help you through this natural occurring monthly cycle. Over a life time, all the money we spend as women on our periods can add up. Which is why Scotland is making headlines this week after parliament passed a legislation to make pads and tampons free for all. This is in hopes to end “period poverty”. A term used to describe the inability to easily access  period related products due to financial reasons and access.

If you are wondering why this is a big deal. Just calculate how much you spend on your period every month. And you will see how expensive paying for something that happens naturally, can end up costing you. Which is why millions of women and girls  around the world are forced to work and school due to lack of access to these basic needs. Not only that but as the female period is very important for our reproductive health. And therefore reproduction, which helps ensure the continuation of the human race. Having governments pay for sanitary products seems only fair.

This monumental stride by Scotland will not only help lessen the financial burden on it’s female citizens. But also allow those who already struggle to pay for these basics to continue with their lives. Instead of having to stop working or going to school every month. By making pads and tampons readily available at schools and universities. Scotland is not only normalizing periods. But also helping millions of women in the country to access an important resource. Here’s hoping other countries follow Scotlands lead and end “period poverty” for all women around the world.



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