Written by: Christina Vestey

More than ever, I find the little rituals that form a part of my daily life help me keep my feet on the ground. Somehow they provide a simple structure amidst the chaos and the uncertainty of the times we are living in. They help release anxieties and give me a centre point from which to jump-start or end my day. I don’t consider myself a structured person, and if you ask my family, they would agree. I am the one who makes unpredictability look predictable. Yet, I also realise it is my rituals that somehow give me this freedom. They help build an inner trust and structure that allows me to embrace spontaneity.

Rituals do not have to have a religious context; however, they are a symbol of devotion. Whether it be something you do where you focus on yourself, your family, your community, or the environment, the rituals we follow serve to strengthen these connections. How do you know when a routine becomes a ritual? Personally, if I stop doing it for a while, I feel like something is missing from my life, and things feel a little off-kilter. When I reintegrate them, it is a bit of a homecoming. My rituals change in nature, but creating the space for them is grounding. I realise the act of actively having rituals in my life forms part of my identity. 

Rituals do not have to be complex, nor do they need to have a significant spiritual or religious meaning. They can turn the ordinary into something more meaningful. They can be practical things we do that give us comfort and support. They are a reminder of who we are and what makes us feel good. Our daily actions are what create our life. When we do things that nourish us, we invest in our present and future happiness. No doubt we can grow out of rituals and develop new ones that feel more in line with where we are in life. As we grow and develop a stronger connection with ourselves, we become more aware of our natural desires and the changes we want to bring into our lives. New rituals form and are a way to continue to enrich our life experiences.

It’s not about what our choice of ritual is but rather about allowing ourselves the opportunity to develop them. Acknowledging those moments where we regularly engage in something that nurtures our spirit, reinforcing a connection to who we are at this moment in life.


Christina Vestey

At SheEvolves, I see my role as the coordinator and responsible for creating an environment where we can realise our vision as a collective. Today, my passion for creating spaces where Black and Brown African women can share their voices has grown more fervent. ¿Do you need anything from SheEvolves? Don't hesitate to write us at our Contact page!

February 17, 2021