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As I write this my recent Vogue UK has just been delivered to my doorstep with power house change maker Malala on the cover. To say that Malala has forever changed the idea that young people cannot change the world is an understatement. In her years since she started advocating for education for young girls. Malala has brought to light the power a single voice, can have on the world. This is also echoed in my home country of South Africa where today marks a monumental occasion for South Africa, youth who marched against the Apartheid government. Resulting in some losing their lives. But in a step in the right direction for change.

Often times when I hear stories like Malala’s, or the young people all across the globe changing the world. I am reminded that we need not leave change to the “grown ups”. Or even to other people. But rather that in fact if we are sincere in our quest, we too can change the world for the better. This is a great reminder for myself as a young mother concerned with the state of the world.

In looking at what so many are doing, I am reminded that I too can change things in big or small ways. One thing is for sure however is that since becoming a mother I am more committed than ever to changing our world for the better. For one it is brought to my attention (thanks to walks with my daughter in the park), just how little people take care of the environment. As an active toddler who loves the outdoors. When ever we go to the park I find myself picking up litter every five or so steps.

And whilst it started out because I wanted to avoid my daughter nibbling on rubbish she picked up. It now has become a way we can do something together. And instead of telling her no, when she curiously picks up plastic bottles and such. Instead I have taught her to throw them away in the rubbish bins.

It has now become a tradition of ours after playing in the kids section to take a 15 minute walk and pick up trash. Whilst she may be too young to understand exactly what we are doing. I know that instilling in her the idea that having trash on the floor is not good. Is one step in the right direction for our environment. Apart from that we also make a conscious effort in our home to use less plastic. From buying and using reusable straws. To declining plastic cutlery when offered it when we have take out. These small efforts are now part of our families DNA. And hopefully as she sees us doing it, she too can model that behavior to her kids in the future.





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