Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

(Editors Note: The following written piece is a beautiful reflection from a beautiful black woman who graciously took on the #BossUp challenge in the beginning of November. This reflection was made in the middle of November. IT IS WORTH THE READ!) 

We are at the middle of the month and close to the end of the #BossUp challenge that we started at the beginning of the month. Whilst I’d like to say that I am halfway to becoming fitter, stronger, and mentally more sound, the truth is, I am not. What does that say, “make a plan and watch God laugh”. Well, this month feels like some tragic comedy that I can’t wake up from. But instead of getting down on myself, I decided to take a step back from life, from work and even from friends. To think, recoup and restrategize. 

As a huge fan of the Christmas holidays and all that it entails, I am glad that I am taking this month to recoup instead of pushing myself in unrealistic ways. I’ve recently come to realize that bossing up can just mean ‘stopping’. Slowing down. Taking stock. Checking in with yourself in a gentle and loving manner – without judgement or any expectations of what is to follow. Whilst ‘stopping’ hasn’t been easy, it sure has been welcoming. And I am cautiously optimistic and I hope that I will be able to #bossUp in many other ways in the coming months. So if you are like me, struggling to move through the day-to-day, struggling to catch your breath or even struggling to stop to smell the roses (as they say),  you are not alone, and there is no rush! 

Whilst modern wisdom will have us believe that we must do EVERYTHING now, the truth is, sometimes we just can’t. And instead, what is beneficial in the long run is to SLOW DOWN. Take a step back and ask yourself where to next. For me, this means watching more romantic comedies,  cooking when inspiration strikes, working out when I can and seeing friends. I’ve also been journaling and trying to better understand my thoughts and work through life’s many hurdles. 


Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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