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Dear bro,

Whenever it’s your birthday or my birthday, I miss you a lot because we shared the same birth month. Every time on your birthday, I try to call your number, but it’s always off. So, I’ve decided to leave you a message. On the day you left, I came to see you, but it was too late. You were already gone. I couldn’t believe that you were gone, so I thought maybe you were just busy doing the things you loved, eating the food you always wanted to eat, and pursuing your passions. That’s why I couldn’t reach you. I thought maybe you would call me when you were done. If only I had known it was the last time, I would have tried to say every word you wanted to hear. I would’ve made sure you knew how special you were to me and how much I loved you.

People around me kept talking about how they saw you in their dreams, but why aren’t you visiting me in my dreams? I just wanted to see you once, bro. I remember the day you died. You closed your eyes after looking at me and went to sleep. Your breaths were long, soft, and slow, as if you were trying to decide between this world and the next. I watched you, my perfect person, my favorite person, taking your final breaths, and I tried helplessly, hopelessly to say goodbye and thank you. That was the day I realized that as a person, you don’t always get to decide where life takes you, and that the death of someone is not a joke.

I hope it’s always warm and peaceful where you are. I hope you have plenty of things to smile about. I hope it’s comfortable and that you are at peace. I love you so much, and I hope that one day I can be just as brave as you.

With all my love,



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    August 6, 2023

    I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. My sister died and I miss her so much. It’s hard to explain but I do feel close to her and although she doesn’t come to me in my dreams I feels she is near.

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    August 22, 2023

    I am so sorry for your loss my dear?❤️



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