Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Dealing with my mother-in-law is like trying to walk through a field of thorns. She’s not exactly my biggest fan and she makes it known.

The little things I do seem to get under her skin. Cooking has become a battleground. No matter what dish I serve up, there’s always a critique. I could whip up the most delicious Nigerian meal like jollof rice or Ewa Riro and she would still find a way to make a comment that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s not just the cooking. It’s the whispers behind my back, the negative talks that somehow find their way to my ears. It’s disheartening to think that someone in my own family circle is painting such a negative picture of me without really knowing who I am.

What gets me the most is the mixed messages. On one hand, she’s nudging me about giving her grandkids, as if it’s the ultimate goal. Then, in the next breath, it’s all about how I should be losing weight. It’s like she can’t decide which priority to push on me first.

I’m doing my utmost here, trying to fit into this family dynamic, attempting to strike a balance between my own identity and the expectations placed on me. But it’s an uphill battle when someone you’re supposed to bond with keeps slamming the door shut.

I wish there was more understanding, more willingness to meet me halfway. It’s not about trying to win her over; it’s about feeling respected and accepted in this new chapter of life. Marriage is challenging enough without feeling like someone’s constantly sizing you up and finding you lacking. I’m hoping for a shift, for a glimmer of understanding, and perhaps a little less drama in the days ahead.



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