Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It’s hard feeling judged just because of how my babies came into this world. There is this thing in our community where they make you feel like you are less of a woman if you didn’t have a “natural” birth. Like pushing your baby out is the only way to prove your strength.

I had a C-section, and I’m proud of it. But it is tough when others don’t see it that way. They don’t get that it’s not about choosing how to give birth but about keeping both me and my baby safe. And how crazy is it that people still think like this in 2024?

It hurts that they don’t see me the same. I know some women who hide that they had a C-section because they’re scared of this judgment. It’s not fair. No one should feel ashamed for how they brought their baby into the world.

We need to change this thinking. C-section mommies are strong too. It’s not about how we gave birth; it’s about the love and care we give our babies. Let’s support each other, no matter how our little ones arrive. The shame attached to C-sections has to stop. We’re all amazing moms, no matter the journey our babies took to meet us.




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February 21, 2024