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Love is a Compromise

One of the prevailing subjects of discussion today revolves around relationship breakups. There is an abundance of speeches, motivational talks, and counseling sessions regarding matters of the heart, which is undoubtedly beneficial. Many women express dissatisfaction with men, citing them as sources of conflicts, while men make similar complaints…

A Collective by Precious K

Poems by Precious K
The things I desire
They interrogate me day and night,
Till I plead guilty to not pursuing them.
The things l desire temper with my peace of mind like unsettled debt. 
You are hope, a light in life. 
An emblem of strong women with unbreakable spirits.
You are powerful, soulful, the heavens…


Poem by Tashinga Chiwomba
The elders of my time only told me that life was cold
They never went in-depth explaining it
Perhaps they thought I was observant enough to understand 
But after all those years, I’m finally getting the hang of it
Let me explain it to you, my beloved
You will still…