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Meet Naledi Mokgautsi, a young woman from Orange Farm, Johannesburg, South Africa. Naledi is a part of our project, She Evolves 1000 Stories 100 000 Trees, which aims to make the world a better place by planting trees and sharing black and brown African stories.

In a nutshell… Naledi comes from a large family and has attended schools in various locations around Johannesburg before she went to university. She believes in always moving forward and helping others. She has volunteered her time in teaching children about computers and researching mental health.

Naledi is not just about work. She enjoys baking, drawing, and exploring new places. In fact, she runs a small dessert shop from her home and dreams of having a bakery combined with a bookstore one day. Her multifaceted personality is something that we can all relate to and draw inspiration from.

As part of the 1000Stories 100 000Trees initiative, Naledi has not only planted trees but also fearlessly shared her story with a diverse group of men and women at her former school, Laus Deo Primary. Her dream is to uplift her community and create a better environment for all. Naledi firmly believes that even the smallest actions, such as planting trees and sharing personal experiences, can lead to significant change.

However, Naledi is not stopping there. She has bigger plans to do even more for her community and travel the world. Recently, Naledi has engaged her community by helping them plant trees, raising awareness, and educating them about the importance thereof. Her favourite saying is “You gotta keep going,” which reminds her to never give up, no matter how hard things get.

As a Changemaker, Naledi shows that anyone, no matter where they come from, can make a big impact and help others.



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