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She Can! by Belva Marie

In the quiet whispers of dawn, she rises,
Strength woven in the braids of her hair,
Battles fought in silent halls echo loudly,
Challenges met with grace, yet they stare.

She walks in rooms where voices falter,
With every step, she claims her space,
Glass ceilings may loom above her,
But she, undaunted, sets the pace.


Cat Clown, by Monalisa Alfonso

Like an ode,

This is an elevation of an overcoming evolution.

From an enslaved background.

The norms have revolved to what it is now.

Eventual change we’re living in.

Still fighting while they give us reasons to give in.

Trying to damage us like that will save society.

A term that is exclusive for hidden patriarchy.



What is purpose?

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists, definition from Oxford Languages.

I remember crying my eyes out because I had not figured anything out, but the truth is that nobody has.

Every day, we see people doing well on the Internet, which…