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Stuck now, but not forever!

There was a moment in life when almost everyone saw me as a total loser, and unfortunately, I fell for it too. Living according to other people’s minds and expectations made me miserable, and the more I tried to please them, the worse I felt. No matter how hard…

The realities of dating a guy with Albinism

Dating someone with albinism has been a journey filled with both beautiful moments and challenging realities. He’s an amazing guy, kind, funny, and so strong. But our relationship isn’t without its challenges, especially when it comes to societal perceptions.

In my community and in most African communities, there are deep-rooted…

Ready to Let Go and Move On

“Letting go” and “moving on” are two very simple but very powerful words. They have been with me all the way through life and taught me how to let go and to embrace change.

It takes guts to let go. Realizing how heavy the past is, letting go of its…