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My feelings have been all over the place lately, and I’m stuck between two different ones. Recently, I’ve been having trouble with the idea of being a submissive girlfriend. I do want to take care of my relationship and help my partner, that’s not the case. I’ve worked hard to become an independent woman, but I still have this fear that being obedient will take away from all of that.

I’ve worked on being independent for years, breaking down obstacles and learning to stand on my own. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve fought battles, gotten past problems, and enjoyed every victory. Being independent has meant more to me than just a name; it shows how strong and tough I am. It’s become an important part of my life.

But since I started dating, I’ve been having this internal struggle. It seems like society often says that being gentle in a relationship is needed or even expected. But for me, it feels like going backwards and giving up a big part of my freedom that I worked hard to earn. I’m afraid that I’ll lose who I am in this job, the qualities that I’ve worked so hard to develop and keep.

At the same time, I love my partner very much. I want to help him, be there for him, and keep our bond strong. Still, the thought of giving in makes me fight inside—a battle between the need to stay independent and the desire to be a loving, supporting partner.

I understand that being humble does not mean you are weak. Trust, respect, and giving in are important. It’s about finding the right amount of confidence and giving in. But it’s hard to get rid of the fear that accepting this part of myself might make me less of an independent woman.

Maybe the answer is to change my idea of what it means to be passive in my relationship. The years of growth, strength, and freedom I’ve built up shouldn’t be lost. Maybe it’s about finding a balance where freedom and submission can live together—a mix that lets me value my own uniqueness while building a loving, supportive relationship.

To find this balance, I need to be patient, give myself time, and be honest with my partner. But I’m determined not to give up the strength I’ve built up. I want to think that being an obedient girlfriend, if I want to be one, can make me a stronger, more independent woman.

Despite the fact that it will be hard, I’m ready to start this journey with hope and the desire to stay true to who I am.





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