Written by: Admin_SheEvo

We’ve all been there. It’s 8pm, you’ve had a long day, you look in your fridge and cupboards or pantry and realize you have nothing to eat; or at least nothing that you can prepare quickly. Which is why stocking your cupboards and fridge with these essentials will ensure you can always throw together a meal in 30 minutes or less, no matter the time or day;

Eggs: There is no end to what you can create with eggs. From east scrambled eggs on toast or a filling omelette. Which is why having eggs on hand is always a must.

Bread: Like eggs, the diversity of bread lies in the different ways you can enjoy it. From toasted sandwiches to simple meal fillers, some good bread can always come in handy day or night.

Canned tomato: As a new mom, I find that most nights it feels impossible to think of things to cook. Which is why canned tomatoes have saved my life time and time again. I like to use the best quality canned tomatoes I can find as these usually mean you don’t have to worry about adding too much seasoning. And I serve them with eggs as a shakshuka for brunch, or tossed into pasta with what ever vegetables I find in the fridge.

Pasta: Like the previous ingredients there is no shortage of what you can do with pasta. Personally I like to cook it in large batches when I have time and munch on it with some vegetables as a pasta salad, or warm with a healthy helping of canned tomatoes or when the mood strikes to make a delicious carbonara with eggs, Parmesan cheese and bacon; yum.

Bacon/chicken breast: Having some kind of protein is always a must. At She Evolves we like to keep chicken breasts and bacon in the freezer at all times for those late night meals. Wether you like yours served with bread, pasta or in a salad, a little protein can go a long way.

Canned fish: This one might seem off but hear me out. Not only is canned fish versatile, it is also a great way to get in those omega 3s and 6s without having to think too much about out. Personally we like having canned tuna for tuna sandwiches or to throw into salads.



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