Written by: She Evolves

One of the more notable changes brought about by COVID-19 is the way we learn and consume knowledge. As the virus continues its spread, many students and school children are forced to turn to online learning instead of going to class or school. Not only is this new for many students, but it can also come with its challenges. Below we list some ways to make at home and online education more fun.

  1. Create a designated “learning” space: The same way many working people have turned unused spaces into at home offices, it is important to create your own zone. This does not have to be big but it should be inspiring. Think of hanging up some inspirational learning quotes and pictures of friends from school. Not only will this inspire you to actually engage in your classes but also remind you that you are indeed learning.
  2. Remove distractions: This may sound like an obvious one but removing distractions from your learning area is critical to getting the most of your online learning. This means moving your phone to another room. Making sure you are not in a noisy area and not facing the TV.
  3. Stick to a schedule: One of the benefits of going to class is having a schedule to follow. Do the same at home by creating a schedule for your classes, but also your meal times. Make it realistic and even put in 10-15 minute breaks after each class for you to stretch or grab a snack.