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First time mom with a colic baby

I have always known my older sisters to be brave and strong from a young age. Growing up, I always wished I was like them because it seemed like they had it all figured out. Their confidence, accompanied by a firm spirit of resilience and genuine kindness, made life…

Recipe: Homemade almond milk

What you will need
Mesh sieve for straining

Milk cloth (optional)

Powerful blender

Jug to store milk in
1/2 cup of unsalted almonds

2 cups of water

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp of vanilla essence

2 dates and 2 prunes for sweetening (optional)

1 tsb of chia seeds
How to make
Soak almonds in water overnight or for a minimum of…

Bite Size: Peach mint ice tea

With temperatures rising, its important to keep cool and hydrated at all times. This week I share with you a recipe for a nice cool summer drink to keep you cool and hydrated. Because our bodies lose a lot of water in summer, it’s important to keep it your drink intake high. Dehydration is when we lose more water than we’re getting into our bodies which can lead to drowsiness, faintness and heat stoke.

Bite size: Underwear to wear with white pants

White pants can be a great fashion statement, especially in the summer. However, finding the right underwear with your pants can be tricky. Which is why I decided to share some insights on what colour underwear to wear with white pants. In most cases white pants tend to show he colour and the pattern of your underwear. Which is why it’s best to go with colours that wont be visible under your pants.

Different ways to be intimate without having sex

When we start exploring our sexuality as young adults one of the first things that most of us think is that sex is the only kind of intimacy there is. However intimacy is not just about sex and is about so much more. Whilst there are pressures that come from our peers and everything on TV, newspapers and magazines, it is important to know that sex is not the end all and be all. In fact if you ask me, it is the least intimate thing you can do with a person.

Bite size: 4 tips for good personal hygiene

Good personal hygiene refers to how we take care of ourselves and our bodies in order to keep them clean and free of germs and odors . Having good personal hygiene is simple, and most of the things we we start learning from an early age. These things include; washing your hands after using the toilet, brushing your teeth and bathing everyday among others. As we get older however, we can sometimes forget to take good care of ourselves. Especially with no parents or teachers reminding us what to do. Which is why it is important to remind ourselves to do these things. Not only to keep us looking good but also healthy.