Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It feels like everywhere we look something is going wrong in the world. Whether it’s the protests in Nigeria, or the elections in the US or even the raping of a young girl in Malawi. The constant flow of information can be overwhelming and even triggering. Factor that in with the current pandemic and it can all seem like too much. At least for us it has been. Which is why we have come up with some ways to help minimize stress, anxiety and emotional triggers.

Not only for our mental health but also for our sanity. After all, it is not good to be constantly bombarded with doom and gloom. Here are some ways we minimizing our exposure;

  • Reduce the amount of news we read, listen to and watch on a daily basis
  • Keep social media usage at a minimum to avoid posts from friends; loved ones and news outlets sharing news that can be too much to process
  • Meditating
  • Daily exercise to help reduce stress
  • Talking to friends and loved ones about any stress, triggers or anxiety

What are some ways you are reducing stress during these difficult times?



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