Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

A new month is upon us and with that, a new energy. For most of us, a new month means a chance for a new beginning. But as it is December and the last month of the year. This month is also about endings. Which is why this we are choosing to take it easy. After our bi-monthly team meeting, we all shared how we were feeling about the end of the year and the content we wanted to be creating over December. For a small team of working women like ours, these meetings are paramount to our success and ensuring we can support each other but also create content that is relevant.

One thing that stood out for me in our last meeting is that instead of kicking things into high gear as we had planned. We all felt the need to slow things down. To really slow down and do a little less. This means often saying no to things that consume too much emotional and physical energy. But also to the pressures we often put on ourselves.

For me this means slowing down and giving myself permission to say no to a few things. I’ve spoken about it a lot over the past few months but being a new parent can really take its toll. Which is why I am taking this month to recharge. Taking all the extra help and hands I can get to focus on me. Lately this has meant giving up responsibility of being the main cook in our home and instead asking my husband to take over. Or when we are both tired, ordering in.

It has also meant listening to my body and working out when I want to instead of feeling like I always have to. For Christmas, it will mean turning to easy recipes so that I can enjoy my time with my family instead of standing over a hot stove all day. Enjoying the summer sun in our garden in South Africa and letting calls roll to voice mail.

This is a different December holiday to previous years where I am usually already planning for the next year. Cooking often and a full social calendar. This year has been hard for all of us for different reason. And even  as the news of a vaccine soon becoming available. The stress and strain on our mental state over the past couple of months has meant we could all do with a deep sigh and stepping back. Giving ourselves room to feel the enormity of what we went through as a planet but also as individuals. So take a deep breathe, and let this month be one of healing and looking within. Whilst also celebrating that we have come through it all. Maybe a little bruised, and a little tired, but still breathing.



Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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