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Unlike many people around the world, I count myself luck as I will get to spend Christmas with my family even though we live on different continents. But thanks to careful planning on both ends, numerous covid tests and self isolations I am home in South Africa with my family. The decision to visit despite the pandemic was not an easy one to make. But given that I gave birth at the beginning of COVID and my daughter had not met my side of the family as we live in France and they live in South Africa, was just too much to bare. Now at nine months old I am getting the privilege of introducing her to my side of the family as we quarantine together and catch up on the past year.

One thing that has been at the core of our Christmas this year however is to just enjoy ourselves and the time we have together. And as much as I love Christmas and am known to throw big extravagant get togethers. This year feels a little less luxe. But somehow more special and precious.  Which is why I want to milk every drop of family time there is. This means sitting in the garden and chatting or watching old childhood movies with my sisters. And whilst there will still be a fair share of holiday cheer. One thing we have all agreed on is to do as little as possible. And put as little pressure on Christmas day and new years eve, but rather focus on all the little moments.

And even though things are still uncertain. The love and appreciation we all have for each other is stronger than ever. And like so many, 2020 has taught us to appreciate the small moments. And focus on whats important in life which is family, friends and good health.



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December 22, 2020