Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It feels like just yesterday we were all preparing our favorite meals, saying a prayer (or two) and bidding farewell to 2020. But as the new year moves forward with the same fears, uncertainties and fears of the previous years. It may feel hard to stay motivated to do….well anything. I know for myself that I often have to trick myself just to get out of my tracksuit pants and even taken a shower most days. And working out? Well lets just say that is a moving target I can’t quite seem to hit. Which is why I have been thinking up new (and fun) ways to stay motivated. Whether its being healthier, sticking to new years resolutions, or just getting out of your own way. There is always something we could be working on. Below are my five ways to stay motivated.

  1. Don’t put it off: As I write this I am struggling to fall asleep. And instead of watching a movie, I’ve decided to do some work. Whilst I am not one for all work and no play. I do know that working now, or even just doing any of the ten things of my to do list will make it easier for me in the long run. I also then can relax more and spend time with loved ones or take a nap during the day.
  2. Call a friend: I am lucky to have a friend for pretty much everything. This includes a friend to tell me how capable and amazing I am. Don’t have such a friend, no worries. Write down some motivational quotes that inspire you and make you want to move forward.
  3. Remember your why: This point kind of ties in with my first but remembering why you are meant to do something or want to do something is often a good motivator. Struggling to work out? Ask yourself why you started. can’t seem to say no to a cigarette? Remember why you wanted to quit in the first place.



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