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Edith’s bright light sparkled a few years after she lit it. She was a great law scholar. Having gone through the best high school in Uganda and finally admitted to Makerere University for her bachelor’s degree, her future was nothing but bright.

When she was in University she met the man of her dreams, Samuel. He was not at that University, but he was a well-established businessman in eastern Uganda. They formed a relationship that led to the birth of their firstborn before her graduation. His name was Aggrey.

Edith’s father was a renowned post office master, and her mother was a teacher. They all lived in a small village in eastern Uganda. When they found out that their daughter was expecting a child, they were furious but nonetheless supportive of the situation. When Aggrey was born, Edith had to be enrolled at the law development centre for Uganda’s bar course. Juggling and balancing books and family wasn’t easy, but she wanted to prove to her parents she was capable.

Everything went well. She left Aggrey at her grandma’s house and went back to school. Samuel was to take complete care of Aggrey when Edith was not around, which he did. When she was done with school, that was when her marriage really started and things started getting real and extremely hard. Edith found out that Samuel another family. This was discovered only after she was expecting her second child. With so much disappointments, she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl Cynthia. Edith soon found a job in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. She left Samuel and established herself and stayed with her two children and two of her brothers. However, Samuel kept looking after her and would come visit time to time. These visits resulted in the birth to Nickson and Macklin. When Macklin was born, Edith found out that Samuel had gotten infected. Macklin’s first birthday was also the day of her father’s burial. Soon thereafter, Edith found out that she was infected too. Three years later, the vibrant lawyer rested, leaving four children Aggrey 10 years old, Cynthia 8 years old, Nickson 6 years old and Me, Macklin 4 years old.

We were sent back to the village when our mother died. As children who grew up Kampala, we found village life a little different. Death has no time and that is why we had to deal with everything as fast and as best as we could. Our grandma, in the village did the best she could to raise us. We faced so many hurdles along the way as orphans but I know that it made us stronger.

With the help of our granparents, we grew up, got an education, got married, and had children.

Today, I am Macklin,  a wife, a mother, a farmer, a baker, a social worker an orphan and the result of the resilience of a single mother.



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