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Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.

A thief of time

Tomorrow and later is its password

kidnapper of dreams, and its’ ransom is the future.

A cruel master to its client

who keeps reciting the master’s password TOMORROW

A client, a victim

Those who choose to welcome this thief of time

They keep patronizing while the thief keeps stealing their light till it’s no more.

They won’t hesitate in opening their doors for the guest, who in turn leaves them standing bare, naked and dejected with a lost opportunity

While giving them hope of another opportunity yet to be lost.

Master of it is never too late

Never freeing its student

Naming classes for them

The performer has his slogan, “I work under pressure.”

The self-deprecator yawns.”I am so lazy right now.”

The overbooker scrolls while reciting his motto, “I am so busy.”

The top student novelty seekers always say, “I just had the best ideas.”

These are a student of procrastination

Every time, Every year, till time is gone

Graduating as a connoisseur of procrastination.

Victims of words and no action

A year has gone by in this cage

Times’ stolen

Dreams shattered

but the password never changes

Later, I am busy tomorrow

I don’t know where to start

And for some unfortunate victims

“it is too late, I wish…”

Are you a victim

Or a regular client?

Are you tired of being one?

Can’t you see the camera?

Silence and work

Action not words

Practical not theory

Change your password while changing its’ master

Do it now

There is no tomorrow without today

start now

And free yourself from that TOMORROW


By Umeh Gloria

Facebook handle: Gloria Umeh

Instagram handle: Umeh Gloria




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