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It’s a new day.

I choose to be strong and responsible for my own actions and emotions.

I’ve learnt that pain or happiness depends on the way I perceive things.

No one can make me sad or happy because it all happens due to my own response.

I declare being strong, wise and beautiful, not because I have such a reflection but because it is who I really am.

All things I need in life will eventually come to me, one by one.

And even if it seems like I’ve lost someone or something, the truth is, they lost me because I’ve got nothing to lose.


Keep moving forward even though you are tired.

Nothing will come, and so you must go.

Keep going, fly, walk, run, crawl or even roll.

When moving forward is the only option, nothing can stop you.

With many obstacles ahead, you’ll always find your way.

Moving forward is the only option you have.

I know it hurts, sucks and breaks too,

But stand, focus, heal and pick up the pieces.

You better show up for yourself when no one shows up for you.

Moving forward is the only option you have.

Face the present with courage and give it your all.

Focus and fight against all odds to win the game since

Moving forward is the only option you have.


Do you know how lucky you are?

Your parents did what they had to, and here you are!

Little, you are precious, mama’s joy and daddy’s pride, and that’s why,

Your cry is their sorrow, and your laughter brightens the day.

Oh little, one day you’ll grow up and realize that,

All the struggles and hustles your parents had to go through,

Were to pave the way for you to pass through.

Dear little, be kind, wise and always calm the storm that may rise,

Wipe the tears from your mama’s eyes and dry the sweat from your papa’s chest because

One day little, you’ll no longer play small again.

So little, rise and shine because you are a rising star,

Twinkling like a spark that one day will shine like lightning,

And the thunder will tell the world that you’re to be no longer recognized as little anymore.


Poetry by Dativa Mugashe

Facebook: Dativa Dastan

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    October 17, 2023

    It evolves the little ☺️🔥



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