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Mark your calendars for 8 August 2023, as She Evolves proudly unveils its ground-breaking initiative – “1000 Stories, 100,000 Trees.” This remarkable venture unites women from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories while planting trees, sparking a wave of positive change within communities in Africa. Brace yourself for an initiative that celebrates the power of storytelling and the promise of a more sustainable future for all!

With our roots in South Africa, we kick start the movement in communities across South Africa municipalities bringing together passionate women committed to raising awareness about issues close to their hearts through storytelling and other initiatives.  Choosing locations in need of greening, our Change Makers will host events at community canters, church gardens, local schools, homes, and streets. Teaming up with local partners, we carefully select indigenous and fruit trees that thrive in the region. Empowering our Change Makers through training, we equip them with the knowledge and skills to plant, maintain, and compost, fostering a nurturing environment for each seedling to flourish.

Every Change Maker’s journey is unique, and their stories deserve to be heard. As they sow the seeds of change, we share their stories on our website and social media, amplifying the voices of African women across the globe. These stories serve as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to tackle the issues they hold dear and become catalysts of transformation in their own communities. United in purpose, our Change Makers form the heart of the She Evolves Tree of Life Network. Witnessing the growth and measuring the impact, they connect through the vibrant She Evolves Change Maker Family WhatsApp group. It’s a platform to share experiences, overcome challenges, and celebrate successes as they nurture the seeds of change they planted. To honour their dedication and motivate others, we host an annual competition, recognizing the most exceptional Change Makers. Prizes await those who have made a remarkable impact, motivating them to keep flourishing as the movement grows.

The 1000 Stories, 100,000 Trees journey begins in the beautiful Tikwana Community of Tswelopele South Africa, where the visionary Mayor Phukuntsi will host the launch of the initiative. The event will start with registration of all guests and once everyone is settled, the introductions begin, and we are welcomed Mayor Phukuntsi and Deputy Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Sotyu and their teams. Thereafter Mayor Phukuntsi takes the stage to inaugurate the event and shares her own inspiring story, followed by the Deputy Minister, who will also address the audience.

The core focus of the day is tree planting training. A demonstration is organized to educate the community on how to plant trees, handle seedlings, compost, and ensure proper maintenance. Mayor Phukuntsi, Deputy Minister Sotyu, and other esteemed dignitaries will actively participate in this symbolic act, joining the women gathered to plant the first set of trees, setting an example for all. Following the tree planting, Mayor Phukuntsi addresses the community again, offering her personal reflections on the project’s significance. Deputy Minister Sotyu, will also be invited to share her own reflections with the audience. In the spirit of celebrating positive change, the event will provide a platform for Change Makers to share their stories. These inspiring individuals, who have made a difference in the environment and the community, get a chance to speak and motivate others to take action.

“1000 Stories, 100,000 Trees” carries a mission to create a lasting legacy that cultivates both the Earth and the human spirit. It emphasizes the power of storytelling and the magic of nature in igniting a movement for positive change. Together, we can shape a sustainable future for generations to come. We extend a warm invitation to all to join us on 8 August and become a part of the force that drives this noble cause. Let us unite in embracing the harmony between humanity and nature, fostering a better world through the stories we share and the trees we plant.

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    August 11, 2023

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