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Take a moment to ponder this truth: we are no strangers to being surrounded by those ‘dark walls’ in life. If you pause for some self-reflection, you’ll notice how much these challenges occupy your thoughts.

Life’s ups and downs, the situations we find ourselves in – they all play a part in shaping our behaviour. Think about those moments when we’ve lost someone dear to us. The deep sorrow can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling helpless and questioning why it happened.

And then there’s that other kind of pain – loving someone so deeply that it hurts, only to feel unappreciated and taken for granted. It can make you question your worth and leave you feeling empty.

Life can be unpredictable, throwing unexpected curveballs that force us to start over from scratch. It’s heart-wrenching, no doubt about it.

When we find ourselves caught up in these painful experiences, it can lead to depression, dark thoughts, and even self-destructive behaviours. But here’s the thing – we can break free from these ‘dark walls.’

Recognise when it’s time to seek help, and don’t see it as a sign of weakness. It’s a brave step toward healing and growth. Coupled with belief in prayer or a higher power, seeking support can be a powerful way to overcome these struggles.

So, let’s remember – we have the strength to drive away these dark walls and emerge as better versions of ourselves. It won’t be easy, but with faith and support, we can conquer the darkness and find light on the other side.

Written by: Lillian Wangari

Instagram handle: @lillywangzii




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