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In a world where strength is forged,

my tale of resilience is told,

a soul born and raised by a single mom,

Through trials faced, a spirit bold.

From the very first breath, I embraced,

A love that knew no bounds or end,

With every hurdle, my mother’s grace,

Guided me, a beacon, a faithful friend she became.

School’s path was strewn with hardship’s grasp,

Yet I pressed on, determined and strong,

Though fees denied my dreams a clasp,

Knowledge bloomed within, forever lifelong.

High school’s gates I triumphantly crossed,

A testament to my unwavering will,

But dreams of higher education were lost,

Denied by fees, yet hope lingered still.

Amidst life’s twists, fate took its toll,

A precious life grew within my core,

Though left alone, I embraced a role,

A mother’s love, forevermore.

In the depths of solitude, I found,

A strength that dwelled deep within,

With every tear, a resilience unbound,

A love so fierce, a battle to win.

Through sleepless nights and weary days,

I nurtured my child with tender care,

In every smile, a testament, always,

To the love I selflessly shared.

So let this poem be a mirror’s reflection,

Of a warrior spirit, fierce and true,

A testament to my unwavering affection,

A testament to the strength within me.

For I, dear soul, am a beacon of light,

A testament to the power of a single mom,

my journey’s hardships may have been a fight,

But my love and strength shall forever calm.

so to me, dear one,

Know that you are cherished, never alone,

In your story, inspiration shall forever reside,

For you have shown the world love’s truest tone,

And in your presence, hope shall always abide.


Written by ©Julliethepoet

@keishy julia ichagua –  facebook

@wangeci –  instagram


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    November 9, 2023

    Beautiful poem!



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