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Once upon a time, in my youthful school days, I found myself entangled in the intricate web of love. Love, they say, is a beautiful thing; it’s the sweetest experience one can ever encounter. However, my journey through love was anything but conventional. It all began during my junior high years, where I faced betrayal, insults, and disgrace at the hands of my ex-lover due to a breakup instigated by a classmate and a lingering misunderstanding left unresolved.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, revisiting the story of my life post-junior high.

My name is Queen, and I’ve carried the weight of body-shaming since the tender age of nine. I also faced discrimination because I struggled academically. I knew I had to take my studies seriously, but in the midst of it all, I found love within the walls of my school. I met a brilliant, handsome young man who happened to be my classmate and, surprisingly, the school’s brightest intellect. Yes, I know it sounds unusual, but he became my boyfriend, and I loved him dearly. In my mind, I was already his wife. I had grand plans for our future together.

However, there was another handsome and charismatic fellow in our class who had set his eyes on me. He was also intelligent, but what truly captivated me were his charming eyes and his infectious smile. Now, back to our story—let’s call the brilliant guy I was dating “E,” and the charismatic rival was “R.” Our story unfolds.

After a late-night discussion with E, I was faced with a dilemma. R, the school heartthrob, had shown interest in me, and our interactions had come to a brief halt. He wanted to rekindle our connection. Fueled by a desire for revenge, I confided in E about R’s return to my life. That very night, after our conversation, E proposed to me, and I was overjoyed. I wanted to keep our relationship under wraps to execute my plan to get back at R. You see, R was notorious for being a bit of a ladies’ man, so my scheme was to date him briefly and then leave him hanging.

On the day following E’s proposal, I retreated to my room in tears when I spotted R’s twin brother’s girlfriend approaching me. I had to pretend that I wasn’t interested in E so she wouldn’t suspect my ulterior motive, fearing she would inform R of my intentions.

Our conversation went like this:

R’s Twin’s Girlfriend: Hello, Queen, why are you crying? Don’t you love Mr. E?

Me: Yes.

R’s Twin’s Girlfriend: Aww, tell him it’s Mr. R you love, right?

Me: Yes.

And with that, she left.

This was all part of my plan to make her inform R of my interest in him.

Days passed, and I found myself enjoying my time with R, forgetting my vengeful agenda. Our school exams were over, and it was time to leave. My relationship with E had been beautiful until one day when a friend of his, also a classmate of mine, named Mr. A, told me that E had another girlfriend and wasn’t taking me seriously. I was shattered, and that day, I couldn’t eat. It was my first heartbreak, and the pain was unbearable. I decided to break up with E as well.

I continued to high school, but I couldn’t let go of my feelings for E. I was willing to apologize and do anything to get him back, so I sent my best friend, to talk to him. She knew him well, and I instructed her to fabricate a story that would make E listen to her and reconsider his feelings for me.

Let me tell you, it was a spectacular plan!

E not only disrespected me but also insulted and called me names. When my friend sent me screenshots of their conversation, I wept like a child. However, that marked the turning point in my story. I emerged as a strong, bold, intelligent, and hardworking woman. I realized that no words of body-shaming or discrimination could quench the fire within me.

I want you, the reader of this story, to know that you are special. Don’t let anyone bring you down. If you’re going through a tough time, remember that you can overcome it. This is my new story, one of resilience and strength, and it’s a story I hope inspires you to face your challenges head-on and emerge victorious.

Written by Asem Martina Biankie.

Instagram: queen_biankie 



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