Written by: Admin_SheEvo

When I think about what happened, I can’t help but feel bad about it and angry. The dreams I had at the start of the year and the goals I set for myself now seem far away and almost impossible to reach. It’s a disturbing thought to realize that my plans for this year didn’t quite match up with what actually happened.

The carefully thought-out plans I made kept slipping through my hands as life took its unpredictable turn. The goals I set for myself now seem like faraway dreams because of the unexpected turns and twists that changed my path.

A voice whispers about missed chances and unfinished goals, making you feel like you’re not good enough. I feel like I’m not as good of a person as I thought I would be by now—the person I imagined myself to be when I started this trip.

But even though I have a lot of unfinished plans and goals, I try to find comfort in the little wins and growth moments that were not part of the big plan but are still important. I’ve had new adventures, learned important lessons, and made connections that have made my life better in unexpected ways.

Perhaps a year isn’t just measured by the number of things that are crossed off a list. It could be about the strength to deal with problems, the courage to take the side roads, and the determination to keep going even when things go wrong.

As I say goodbye to this year, I choose to remember the lessons I’ve learned, the adventures I’ve had, and the strength that has been with me through it all. The new year is like a clean canvas in front of me. It gives me a chance to start over, change my goals, and be more determined than ever to follow the path I’ve chosen.

So, here’s to the year that didn’t quite go as planned but taught me unexpected lessons and made me strong. May the new year bring you growth, strength, and a better understanding of how life goes in a winding road.



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