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This is the story I tell, a story that unfolded after a heartfelt conversation with one of the clients I was assisting. It was just another day at work when I had the privilege of crossing paths with one of the most striking women I had ever encountered. Her innocence radiated from her face, and kindness was a defining feature of her beauty. Little did I know, a dreadful storm was raging in her life, and our chance encounter would lead us down a path filled with heartbreaking revelations.

This remarkable lady had grown up in a family that embodied love, care and honesty, and she had a family that anyone would wish for. These virtues were instilled in her as a way of life, something she inherited effortlessly. As the years passed, she found a partner, and their love story began, seemingly perfect in every way.

Their love was deep and passionate, the kind that only crazy young lovers could understand. There were moments of joy when she became pregnant, but each time, her boyfriend persuaded her to have an abortion, claiming that he wasn’t financially stable enough to support a child. Blinded by love, she acquiesced to his wishes, thinking it was the right thing to do.

As I listened intently without judgment, I learned that her man had been unfaithful, and he fathered a child with another woman shortly after her second abortion. Her heart shattered, not just because of his affair and the presence of another child but also because of the loss of her precious babies.

Eventually, they parted ways, just as any mature couple might. Thankfully, she found another man, whom she is now married to. He’s a gentleman, full of love and care, eager to be both a husband and a father. Here is where our story takes a profound turn, with this lady enduring miscarriages just a few months after conceiving.

I couldn’t help but ask her how she felt, and her response left me utterly speechless.

“It’s not always about the other side,” she said. “Forgiveness is the key, for everyone makes mistakes. Always forgive yourself and others, as it’s the path to peace for your body, mind, and soul. When you’re wronged and hurt, embrace the pain with gratitude, for you never truly know the reasons behind people’s actions.

I’ve learned to give love, care, time, affection, kindness, honesty, courage, and support with all my heart. If it doesn’t work out in the end, I won’t blame myself because the truth is, I gave it my all and did my very best.”

As they say, with faith, healing is expedited. The lady began to mend, and she conceived once more. With hope in our hearts, we pray that this time, she will bear a child.

Ladies, I’ve come to realize that being emotional is a beautiful thing, but let’s love with our eyes and hearts wide open. This is the simple lesson I can offer after sharing this courageous lady’s story. Remember, there’s no such thing as a happy ending that magically appears out of thin air. We are the authors of our own stories and destinies. Life may be tough and rough, but let’s not give up on ourselves, even when the world seems to have done so. Because when you take action, you invite the unexpected into your life.

Written by Dative Mugashe

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