Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Kedibone Mahlatsi is a remarkable young woman and a mother of three children who lives in Hoopstad, a small town in the Free State province of South Africa. Amongst many other things she does, she is a passionate advocate for tree planting and storytelling and is already making a practical positive impact in her community. Her journey is inspiring and speaks to her resilience, compassion, and steadfast commitment to making a difference. In this piece, we will delve into Kedibone’s inspiring efforts and the profound impact she’s making, specifically through the “1000 Stories, 100,000 Trees” initiative.

Growing up in Hoopstad, Kedibone witnessed the challenges of poverty, chaos and injustice, but nothing stopped her from becoming the remarkable person we know today. Her love for planting was inspired by her grandmother, who had a green thumb and taught Kedibone about the importance of nurturing plants and trees. As she grew older, Kedibone recognised the significance of tree planting in addressing environmental issues in her community, which prompted her to venture into organic farming, gardening, and tree planting.

Between 2015 and 2021, she worked at Senwes, a leading agricultural company in South Africa. During her time there, Kedibone equipped herself with knowledge of organic farming and helped to promote sustainable farming practices. However, her commitment to community development extended beyond the workplace. At some point recently, she offered a helping hand to the Blessing Disabled Home, a local organisation that provides care for people with disabilities, demonstrating her dedication to helping those in need. Not only that, Kedibone has also been of greater assistance in one of the children’s creche/preschools by donating a few needed resources for the kids to benefit from. Her involvement in community projects, such as raising donations for essentials, showcased her as a true changemaker in her community.

Kedibone has gone through a tough and personal journey that has been marked by tragedy, loss, and lots more challenges. She grew up in a challenging family background and, as a result, faced many losses in a short period of time, including the death of her mother, sister, uncle, and grandmother. She also experienced harassment from an early age through her early adulthood, which added to her already long list of obstacles. Despite these setbacks, Kedibone’s dedication shines through, symbolised by her determination to bring about change in her community wherever possible.

On the 1st and 2nd of Feb 2024, Kedibone led the She Evolves tree planting and storytelling project, called 1000Stories, 100, 000 Trees, in a nearby community called Riverside, Hoopstad, which exemplifies her commitment to creating positive change regardless of circumstances. Leading the charge, she, along with local greening partner Clement, planted an impressive 192 trees in the community – within two days. Just reflecting on the moment, I have a goosebumps rush. The project not only transforms landscapes but also nurtures social cohesion and strengthens community bonds.

Kedibone’s journey is symbolised by a plant she aptly named “Hope” from one of her home’s garden plants. This tangible reminder of transformation reflects her personal evolution and the optimism that emerged from challenging circumstances. It also represents the hope that Kedibone is planting in her community, inspiring others to believe in positive change – and to do the same.

Kedibone Mahlatse’s journey from adversity to resilience is a sign of hope for her community and beyond. Her dedication to community development, environmental sustainability, and personal growth make her a true heroine deserving of recognition on a global scale. Through “1000 Stories, 100,000 Trees,” Kedibone is leaving an enduring legacy/mark that will continue to blossom for years to come. Her efforts remind us that even in the face of hardships, we can plant seeds of change that will grow into a brighter future.



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