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My father was a tailor, and I followed in his footsteps. One day when I was still a teenager, a woman, claiming expertise in fashion design, asked for permission from my parents to stay with me and teach me the craft while working for her. Unbeknownst to me, she did not know anything about fashion design and instead, she only had ulterior motives.

When I was at her house one day, the truth unfolded when her boyfriend, enraged and accusing her of being a fraud, arrived. They both had a lengthy argument and later, he left, only to return drunk with another man (possibly a friend). While we were asleep that same night, he sneaked into his girlfriend’s bed space, and the other man was instructed to occupy mine. Filled with fear, I shut my eyes and mumbled a prayer, and as I opened my eyes, to my surprise, the intoxicated man quickly fell asleep right beside me. His breath and general aura stinked as if he had never set foot in a bath.

Dressed only in a nightdress, I discreetly covered myself with a towel and pretended to go outside to relieve myself at the toilet. Seizing the opportunity, I ran away and concealed myself in the nearby bushes. The night was dark and stormy – and it was the longest night of my life. One that I will never forget.

After a while, I realized that I was nowhere to be found, so they began searching for me, shouting, “Where is she?” in an angry, drunken, and flabbergasted voice. Thankfully, although they passed near me with a torch in hand, I remained unnoticed. Once they were at a distance away, I cautiously returned to the house and hid until dawn. Then I gathered my belongings and made my way back home to my father. Truly, God is an unshakable foundation in times of adversity—a Rock of Ages.

In the safety of my father’s house, I reflected on the harrowing night and the importance of faith. The incident taught me a valuable lesson about discernment and trusting in a higher power. Fear God; He will guide you through challenging times. As I continued my journey in the world of fashion design, I carried not only the skills passed down from my father but also the unwavering belief that, in the face of adversity, a steadfast faith can be a refuge, a source of strength, and a guiding light towards a safer path.









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    February 12, 2024


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    February 12, 2024

    This is so painful yet inspiring. I hope you are doing well ✨



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