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With everything going up in price, it’s hard to imagine not doing everything in my power to save a little more. Whether that means buying less takeout. Or simply being more aware of where each cent goes every month. I am much more aware of my money. And areas that I can improve on. And one of the most common areas of concerns is food wastage. As a person who loves to cook. But also often finds themselves battling deadlines and crazy work schedules. It’s not uncommon to forget about cooking for a few days and eat takeout. Only to throw the lovely fruit and vegetables I bought away as they are off.

Which is why for the next 30 days I am trying to reduce the amount of food waste I accumulate. Here are some of my tips for reducing food waste, and save some money in the process;

  1. Use cut offs for stocks and soups: As a huge fan of Sunday roasts. I often find myself with lots of carcasses and vegetable skins from our Sunday meal. Which never felt like a big deal until I found out that I could actually use these neglected odds and ends. Which is why I have started throwing all my vegetable skin and meat bones into a big pot of water and letting it boil for an hour or so. This not only makes an amazing broth which is good for your health. But, the water also makes a great stock which is the base for sauces, soups and gravies.
  2. Eat the skin: Since trying to reduce waste I have been eating most of the fruit and vegetable skins (where possible) instead of throwing them away. Not only are they often high in fiber, but some taste great too.
  3. Put leftovers in the fridge and eat them: One thing I have always been good at is putting leftovers away in the fridge to eat later. But often times, I forget about the food and end up making more food. Until I am left with lots of little containers with off food. Which is why I recently bought glass containers and rearranged my fridge so that I can see the food I have in the fridge and eat it.

What are some ways you reduce food waste?



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