Written by: Admin_SheEvo

A few months ago I decided to change my look by growing out my hair. As someone who has had a brush cut for almost 10 years, it was a big decision for me which is why I enlisted the help of my good friend and hair expert Sisi who runs HairBySisi. To start off with, I purchased some wigs to wear on days when I didn’t have time to properly style my hair. I also got some Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner to help nourish my hair during the process.

As someone who was accustomed to washing and going, the introduction of an extra step in my routine proved challenging at first. But as time went on it got a little easier. That is until I had to travel for two weeks and wanted someway of taking care of my hair that would be easy and stress free. After some thinking I decided to braid and plait my hair in a black and red fibre. Not only did this help protect my hair during my two weeks of traveling it also was a cute look for my week away.

Now with another few weeks of craziness, I am looking forward to heading back to my HairBySisi to get my hair undone, washed and braided again, as I have found its one of the easiest ways to have cute healthy hair and not have to do too much on it. What are some of your go to protective hairstyles?



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