Written by: Admin_SheEvo

I can still remember the day I heard about PreP. The idea at the time seemed too good to be true. At least to someone who had been living with the virus her entire life. Whilst I had always been open and honest about being HIV positive. Most of my boyfriends and partners in the past were scared when I told them I was positive.

Which is why knowing PreP exists was a game changer when discussing my statues with potential boyfriends and sexual partners. No longer did any of us have to worry about me passing the virus onto them. But it also opened up the option for so much more like starting a family. And as someone who is currently pregnant with my first child after thinking I might never be able to start a family. Having PreP as an option to help protect my husband from the virus and conceive naturally was a big game changer for us.

Not only that but it also helped that when we told our in-laws that we wanted to start a family, they could rest assured that I would not infect their son; my husband. Having strong scientific evidence not only helped put them at ease. But it also helped us to feel like we had more choice and options in the future. And whilst the idea of taking a pill just to have unprotected sex may seem like work. To me it is a great way to be more conscious about who, how and when we have sex.

After all, sex is more than just about feeling good. But also about being able to exercise a certain level of freedom and control over our bodies. Something that PreP helps both HIV positive and negative people to do. And not only that, like ARVs it is readily available in most clinics for free upon request. Helping to ensure peace of mind for all.



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