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Money, money, money. We all have a some sort of relationship with money. Wether it’s good, bad or terrifying, money is part of all of our lives. Which can be difficult especially when it helps to determine so much. If we have learnt one thing about money however it is that like any relationship, it requires work. How much work is up to you. This can mean putting in work to make it, spend it or save it. Personally we are into all of the above but especially saving it. Which is why we rounded up three of our go to tips for saving money.

  1. Save money like you spend it: This is one of the oldest rules in the book and one that we all somehow miss. When getting in your paycheck every month, make sure to put an automatic debit order for money you want to save. This will ensure that like the rest of your bills that get paid at the beginning of each month, you can rest assured that you are saving too.
  2. Do it yourself: I never really thought this worked until I tried it but with COVID one of the main things I could no longer do was get a drink with friends after work twice a week. This life adjustment meant instead that I bought a bottle of wine (which costs as much as one cocktail out) and I used the leftover money to save. So wether it’s coffee or your monthly manicure, pick one thing you can do yourself or cut back on and use the money to save instead.
  3. Keep a piggy bank: Like most people I hate carrying around tons of coins in my purse or wallet which is why I bought myself a piggy bank to throw my coins into every week. You’d be surprised by how much this adds up to in a month but keeping your coins in one place helps you to save a little more and in a way that feels natural. Then once your piggy bank is full, take that money to the bank and start all over again.

What are some of your money saving tips?



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