Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It may seem a little early, but as someone who likes to think ahead, setting goals for next year is something I don’t like to leave to new years eve. In part because of the madness the ensues around the time. But also because I find myself easily influenced by other peoples goals and resolutions. Which is why even though it’s only November, I have a few ideas for what I’d like to achieve next year. At least when it comes to my career/work and money goals.

  1. Relaunch my interior and homeware design business and make them profitable by mid next year
  2. Continue finding new and innovative ways to grow SheEvolves and our team
  3. Pay off my home that I own with my husband by the first quarter of next year
  4. Continue to find ways to expand my knowledge in design and interiors
  5. Start a savings account for my daughter
  6. Launch side hustle in my new home town to help pay off our second home

What are some of your new years goals and resolutions for the upcoming year?




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