Written by: Admin_SheEvo

If COVID and confinement has changed one thing, it has been how we connect with friends and loved ones. As someone who has recently moved countries, not being able to go back home this year has been especially hard. Even more so as life has seemed to move on in spite of our new reality under COVID. As my friends and families dealt with a variety of milestones and heartbreak that I was not able to be there for. This has included a friend loosing her mother, another friend getting married and one of my best friends having a baby. As we are all in different countries, being physically there has been impossible, which has meant I have had to be creative with how I connect and show love.

Here are some things I have done to show my friends love and support when a call or text just wouldn’t do;

  1. Send a care package: As someone who loves giving and receiving gifts, sending friends and loved ones care packages in the form of treats, flowers, wine and other bits and bobs has been a real help. With online shopping being what it is today I was able to show love and support by sending these along with a card attached to let them know I was thinking of them.
  2. Write a hand written note: Whilst text messages and calls are fine. Sometimes sending a hand written note can be that virtual hug a friend or loved one needs to feel close to you.

What are some ways you show your friends and loved ones love from afar?



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