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Ah, the sweet smell of new clothes. If you love clothes and fashion as much as we do. It can seem hard to resist the woo of a new dress, or a cute pair of shoes. Which is why we have come up with a challange to help you rethink your spending. But also help the environment along the way. As a lover of trends, I often find myself spending more than I should on new items of clothing that quite frankly I have no where to put. On top of that, my closet becomes an unmanageable maze where finding things feels impossible. Which is why over the past month I have been careful about how I spend my money. But also what I bring into my closet. Which is when I came up with this challange.

Try this for the next six weeks (or longer) and see how much better you feel and how much more edited your closet looks. The challange is simple. Start out by cleaning out your closet. This means taking everything out and trying it on. See what you love and wear and what can be donated or sold. From then on, pack your clothes back into your closet the way you would like it to always look. This can be by colour, season, or even style. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that everything feels easily accessible. From there see what is missing from your closet.

For me; over the past few months I have realized that whilst I had a lot of clothes, the clothes I had weren’t suitable for my lifestyle and my environment. And whilst I had lots of party dresses, I lacked good basics like jeans and t-shirts. This warranted a virtual visit to my favourite second hand site where I bought a few pairs of jeans and t-shirts.

After the necessary fill out, when ever I wanted to buy something new. I took a long hard look at my closet and saw what I could take out. This way I was not just adding more and more clothes, but also ensuring that I don’t have more than I need. When trying this process, you can switch out old products by either selling them or donating. And as an added bonus try buying from second hand or consignment stores like I did. Or better yet have a swap party with friends instead of constantly buying new.

So ladies, do you think you can do the #OneInOneOutChallange? Tag us using the hashtag and show us your new clothes as well as your cleaner, tidier closets.



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