Written by: Admin_SheEvo

The festive season can be a stressful time not only on our mental health but also on our wallets. Which is why knowing where to spend and save is crucial to make it through the festive season in one piece. Especially as the new year can come with its own expenses and difficulties. Which is why I thought saving is a must. Here are some easy ways to save this festive season.

  1. Buy less gifts: This may sound obvious but somehow when the holidays come I feel obliged to buy everyone and their cousin a gift. Which looking back is not only not necessary but also a huge waste of money. Getting gifts can almost always be limited to close family and maybe a friend or two. If you have a big family I suggest buying gifts only for children or little ones.
  2. Buy local: Buying from local venders and businesses can almost always save you a little extra cash. Not only that but you will be supporting your community and small business owners.
  3. Shop during sales: One of the main reasons many of us run out of cash during the festive season is because we tend to buy gifts and food all at once. Which is why I like to shop throughout the year for gifts for loved ones when I see them. This ensures I spend consistently instead of having to spend a ton at once. I also make use of sales to buy gifts at a more affordable and pocket friendly price.

What are some ways you save money during the festive season?




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