Written by: Christina Vestey

For many of us this holiday season we will be kept apart from loved ones due to COVID 19. I for one know it will be the first time I am not with my mother who lives 14000 miles away in Sydney. We have not seen one another for a year. Thanks to WhatsApp we are able to facetime and keep in contact daily. Yet as the holiday season approaches, I cannot help but think of the millions of people who will have to spend the holidays in isolation. How can we keep a sense of closeness to the people we love most when we cannot be with them physically? How can we bring joy and celebration when someone we love is celebrating alone? Here are some tips so you can make this festive season as special as possible for those you love the most but can’t be with physically.

  • If you can, first and foremost is to make sure they have access and know how to use the internet. If they don’t have access already perhaps this could be the perfect gift. It’s never too late to learn!
  • We have all become professional at participating in online chats at work. So why not do it with family? Set up a zoom family call and bring everyone together. You can do this at any time. Whether it be for a celebratory meal, opening gifts, or just to have an evening catch up or a morning coffee call. If you can’t do a video call. Then taking the time to call regularly makes a huge difference.
  • Set up a family Whatsapp group where you can all share your daily lives, recipes, funny photos and just general news.
  • Do an online course together and share your learning journey
  • Set up a movie night and watch it together online.
  • Download games apps which allow you to play together remotely.
  • Send a card, photos or a letter. Receiving something in the post feels like a gift and is a lovely reminder that someone is thinking of you.
  • If you are worried that a loved one is lonely then perhaps suggest reaching out to a local charity like the charity Together Co, which has a befriending service. They bring young and old together. And it’s a great way to build new friendships and find support from someone who is also lonely.


Christina Vestey

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