Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

The first Monday of 2021 presents many opportunities for new beginnings, For many of us, the idea of going back to an office or “normal” work environment is still far off. But this doesn’t mean looking and feeling good should be. As someone who has never really worked in a traditional office setting, I can tell you now that having somewhere to go is not the only motivation for looking good. Even though it may seem like it. Staying in or simply being is always a good reason to look and feel your best. Especially if you hope to be more productive and or feel like you need a little confidence boost.

And like I said before, as I’ve never really worked in a formal office setting, I still find ways to make myself look and feel strong and productive. But What I have found to be true over the years is that in order to feel this way I don’t need much in my closet<. Whilst the idea of a Kardashian-style closet may feel like the way to go with endless designer options. Having a few key pieces that work for my body type has always been the way to go for me. Not only in helping me stick to a budget. But also in helping me get dressed faster in the mornings. Here are some ways you can make your closet work for you:

  • Develop a uniform: Having a uniform is one sure way to make sure you don’t have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Your uniform should make you feel strong, beautiful and fit into your lifestyle. Before having a baby and living in South Africa my uniform was full of pencil skirts and high heels. Mainly because I liked the way they made me look and feel. But since moving to France and having a baby, my style has changed a lot. In part because the French dress differently but also because I now walk everywhere. Nowadays my uniform is filled with comfortable pretty flat shoes, a good selection of denim and tops along with easy to wear dresses. This ensures I can get dressed in a hurry without having to think too much about it.
  • Invest in key pieces: The saying “less is more” has never been more true at this day and age. Especially as we look to being more conscious in what we buy. Which is why investing in a few pieces instead of filling your closet with fast fashion pieces is a must. This will help make your closet look more edited. But also ensure that you are not buying into trends.
  • Buy for your body type: This one seems obvious but buying clothes for your body type is an important step in keeping your closet small. Not only that but ensuring you buy what looks good on you takes the guess work out of getting dressed. Another important element to this is ensuring to tailor pieces to your body. Spending that little extra will help make your closet uniquely yours. As a short person this for me often means getting things shortened.


Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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