Written by: Admin_SheEvo

I feel like every other post lately has been about how uncertain the times have been. And whilst that may be the case. It doesn’t have to be for your career. As someone who has had her fair share of changes when it comes to career changes. I know a little something about changing things up. And like I like to tell anyone who will listen, part of changing a career is accepting that you may fail. And again, I know about failing as much as the next person if not more. But if there is a perfect time to fail, it is now.

How does the saying go? Fail fast and fail often?. And I my friends, have done so several times over. One thing that has kept me going is the knowledge that I am moving forward toward something. It may be toward the unknown, but at least it’s movement.

So how do you change things up when the world is literally is on its head? The answer is simple. Follow your gut. Times may be changing but chances are you know (and have known for some time now) what you want and what you need to move your life forward. Changing careers or even starting a new venture of your own can feel like climbing Everest. But as they say, each journey starts with one step. And each step brings you closer to realizing your dreams and fulling your potential. And whilst I don’t want to sugar coat it for you and say that change will be easy, I will say that it will be worth it. And remember, win or lose. The only way to know which way the wind will blow is if you try.




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