Written by: Admin_SheEvo

As I’ve gotten older, I have a new sense of appreciation for tidy and clean spaces. With a toddler that runs around and chews on anything she can put her hands on, the need to have a clean and tidy household has risen twice fold. But of all the things that we all often do to keep our homes clean and tidy. There are a few that I know I sometimes overlook. And even forget altogether.

  1. Washing pillows and duvet: Whilst I am adamant about washing my sheets every week. Washing pillows and duvets is a thing I sometimes forget to do. Given that they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and such. It makes sense that they get a good clean every now and then. Which is why I like to clean mine every few months. To do this I like to either leave them outside hanging in the sun. Or actually put them in the washing machine.
  2. Replacing toilet brushes: I cannot tell you how often I have been to friends houses and found toilet brushes that have been there for years still hanging around. With the toilet being one of the dirtiest places. It only makes sense that the toilet brush has some of the worst germs. Which is why it is important to replace yours every few mons.
  3.  Tooth brushes: I know many of us who are guilt of using our tooth brushes for longer than we should. Experts suggest changing out your tooth brush every three months as the bristles get worn and they can even start to stink.
  4. Cleaning tools: As a mom to a toddler, I am often cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and just generally tidying up. Which means in a week, I tend to use my cleaning tools at least three times. Recently however, after a routine cleanup I noticed that my broom had a ton of hair on it. And my once white duster was an awful grey. Whilst these are relatively new purchases, seeing them in this state reminded me that I need to clean my cleaning tools. Not only does this ensure easier and quicker clean up. But it is also more hygienic.



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